Tourism in Lithuania

Isn’t it a dream of everyone to travel all around the world and to visit all the popular locations each traveler is talking about. Of course it is, and some like escorts get a chance to do so, but often we forget the small places, which are worth the visit as well. Lithuania is one of those destinations that does not get enough attention, but still is a wonderful place to travel to and to explore. So don’t wait any longer, take your Budapest escort and see what you can both find that makes you happy. They are amazing companions and make sure there is enough fun even when you go to the destination which is least likely to bring joy into your day.

Why go to Lithuania?

First let’s talk about a few facts: Lithuania is located near Russia, between Estonia and Latvia, the three countries are similar, but have quite a few differences. The language spoken there is called Lithuanian, but most of the citizens know English too, about 2,8 million people live there and they spend Euros. The capital is Vilnius and it attracts about 2 million visitors every year, under which escorts make a pretty number for sure. The names of places and cities there are quite hard to pronounce, so don’t bother getting them right, the people and Lithuaniaworkers will appreciate the try and help you out, since they are known for their politeness. But make sure to take a Budapest companion from Escort Directory with you, she will not only know the language, but also the best places where you can stay at and which ones you should visit.

What to see, visit and enjoy

We will leave Vilnius for a little bit later, and first concentrate on other locations you shall see once you make the decision. One of the most significant things is the view from Ladakalnis Hill on rivers and forests that spans over hundreds of miles. It is an interesting thing to experience, especially if you are a nature lover and enjoy hiking and generally spending time in the nature. You won’t be able to find a Budapest escort from┬áthat does not like this, since they all enjoy almost any activity you could think of. One more green destination is the Curonian Lagoon in Nida, there you will see some of the most beautiful world heritage sites. Escorts also love Palanga which is the summer capital of this country, it has stunning sandy beaches and Juodkrante – an old and very German resort for those who enjoy luxury.

In Vilnius you will find quite a few hotels and agencies that offer their services to anyone, but every is worth the money. The Kempinski Hotel at Cathedral Square is one of those that are, the view from there is quite enjoyable and the location is not bad as well. But if you want to stay in the center of the city, then book a room for you and your escorts in the Hotel Novotel. Visit Lithuania and Baltic tours Vilnius are the two traveling agencies which will give you the best offers, an opportunity to go to some quite impressive places and have the nicest Lithuania workers. Don’t miss out experience Druskininkai, the biggest water part in eastern Europe.